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Just the Truth

January 24, 2014


Some days it just doesn’t work for me to put my brain in gear and write; today is one of those days.





A Nice Little Christmas Present, just for you

December 27, 2013

Were you so naughty that Santa didn’t deliver anything, but a hunk of coal to your stocking? Well, this is my present to all you naughty people.

Hey lucky ones, my travel/teaching memoir is available on Amazon today for the wonderful price of FREE This sale only lasts for three days, so get it while it’s FREE.

If you’ve ever dreamed of traveling to far away places, this book will take you there, plus you’ll encounter some very interesting people along the way.You don’t need a backpack, just sit back in your easy-chair, and join me in an adventure to Asia, Mexico, Central American, and South America.

Duck Dynasty Dives

December 19, 2013

Oh my gosh, the Ducks have been hit hard this week, and it sounds like their #1 reality show may be canceled. Do I care? Not really.

What I do care about is their five books have accumulated over five thousand reviews, while my book  “The Wild Side of Alaska”, which is also filled with hunting stories, has only twenty-five reviews. Now what do they have that I don’t?

No, I don’t talk about religion (which can lead to big problems.) I don’t have a hairy face, nor do I have yellow teeth, or a partner that does. I don’t drive a honking big truck, and I don’t chew tobacco. I also don’t have near as much money as they now have.

I do have one review that favorably compares The Wild Side of Alaska to old hairy men—-The reviewer said,  “Whether a hunter, an outdoor enthusiast, or someone that simply gets sucked into the Alaska survival tv shows, you are about to meet someone that has been there and done it….and no it isn’t some quirky old guy with a nicotine stained beard and questionable social skills. Donna is clearly filled with a love for life and is attracted to adventure.”

Now which would you choose to read? Hairy old men, or a Alaskan woman’s stories?



How to beat Black Friday

November 29, 2013

A great plan to beat Black Friday— Pour a cold beer, or a lovely glass of wine, sit back in the comfort of your home, and do your Christmas shopping the easy way. Simply go to and buy “The Wild Side of Alaska” and/or “Big Backpack– Little World” for all the people on your Christmas list. Guaranteed to be easier than fighting the crowds, and hopefully these books will delight your friends and family.

“The Wild Side of Alaska” is filled with hunting, fishing, and the real life stories of Alaska during the 60’s-70’s. For anyone who has a dream of an Alaskan adventure, or a sportsman/woman this is a sure hit.

“Big Backpack–Little World” may be just the book for those college kids wanting an adventure into a new and exciting life of teaching ESL around the world, or wanting a year off to travel. It may also appeal to those that have dreamed of traveling to far-away-places, but haven’t yet done it.

Christmas shopping finished, and now for a siesta.


Checking out BetseyVille

November 18, 2013

Yesterday a friend and I traveled from Zihuatanejo, Mexico to Barra de Potosi, a short bus trip away, to watch kayak and canoe races. That part of the day wasn’t overly exciting, but let me tell you about the wonderful treat we were invited to witness. BetseyVille in all its old glory!

I hope you all remember the world famous designer Betsey Johnson. I remembered the name, but little did I know, Betsey moved to Barra de Potosi  several years ago and bought a rather run down place on the beach. With her talents, she created her own elegant little oasis. It appears that, after a time, she chose to move farther from civilization, than even Barra. She placed her delightful villa for sale, but throughout the years it didn’t sale and was sadly in need of recovery.

Well, to my delight and the people of Barra along came two creative and hard working people who are madly returning this jewel to the unique oasis it once was. My friend and I were lucky enough to meet and welcome Stasya and Michael who were hard at work, but took the time to chat and show us this beauty in the making. They certainly made the trip to Barra an exciting day. Unique is the word for every room. Miss Betsy had some incredible designs whether it was on dresses or homes. Today it is a bit still in the making, but chandeliers are hung in every room. The dressers in bedrooms are the most elegant I’ve ever wished for. Oh, my and the bathrooms are a pure delight. I can’t wait to see what Stasya and Michael reclaim and redo with their talent. Hotel Hacienda La Rusa won’t be ready for vacationers this year, but I would put this name in my bookmarks if you have ever dreamed of staying at the most enchanting place in perhaps all of Mexico, with lovely people  welcoming you to their home in paradise.

For a glance at what Betsy’s creative endeavor was in its glory.

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But I can’t wait to see what Hotel Hacienda La Rusa will become.

Mexico to the USA—I Hope

June 29, 2013

So I have finished writing and publishing The Wild Side of Alaska, and was ready to return to the US. I had made my reservations to fly back to Seattle. I’m looking at my passport, and Oh my God; my passport has expired, to say nothing about my tourist card for Mexico was way overdue.

My first thought was to go immediately to the airport to see what they would say. Then I thought why call attention to it. Several times during the past my tourist’s card has been overdue without a problem, but never my passport.

I did go to the airport early in case of big problems, and it was a good thing I did. When Alaska airline looked at my tourist card, the first thing she asked was how long I had been in Mexico. I told her the truth, well a half truth, I had been there eight or nine months,  but then I added a little lie. I told her I had been in the hospital for several months, and couldn’t travel. That was when I had to go visit Immigration. The sweet, sweet man at Immigration said it wasn’t a problem, and he’d return in a while (in Mexico a while can mean, a few minutes, an hour, or tomorrow) shortly thereafter he returned with a pile of papers for me to sign, and then he told me, “You probably better not do this again, or you will have to pay a fine, and it won’t be this easy.”

Okay, I’m now on the plane and feeling good, but I do know I might have a huge problem entering the US, and my heart was still going pitter-pat. I calmly marched right up to Immigrations, handed him my passport, and again he asked  how long I had been gone, and why my passport had expired. So I lied again and told him the same story. At that point, he called a supervisor over and retold my story. The supervisor just gave a quick nod of his head, and my old passport was stamped.


Champagne for Breakfast

June 23, 2013




What could possibly warrant a champagne cocktail this early in the morning? After two years in the making,  THE WILD SIDE OF ALASKA  is available on Kindle and paperback.

The Wild Side of Alaska  is my memoir of life in the last frontier during the 60’s-70’s. Many of my stories take place in the wilderness of the Brooks Range,  Interior Alaska, or floating rivers in search of salmon, grayling, or pike. Yes, most of the stories are hunting, fishing, or living in the  “Bush” of Alaska.

Join this adventure of life in The Last Great Frontier.

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