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Speaking of Turkey- American Indians Said It Best

June 2, 2015

Native American Indian Traditional Code of Ethics

Show deep respect for the beliefs and religion of others.Receive strangers and outsiders with a loving heart and as members of the human family.All the races and tribes in the world are like the different colored flowers of one meadow. All are beautiful. As children of the Creator, they must all be respected.


As I returned from Turkey, once again I had a heart full of joy to have traveled to a country where I was the minority. Many of my previous thoughts of the Middle-East were set aside, and my eyes and heart were opened to a culture I had never experienced. Today the word Muslim is a scary word to some people, so please take the time to walk a very short trek with me.

Before my journey, I thought all Muslim men wore big beards and looked very stern upon a white woman.  If that was so, I never saw a Turkish man. All the men I saw were dressed like anyone from around the world and certainly had a smile. Plus, the men I was fortunate enough to spend time with were charming and fun to be with, just like any good man from around the world. I think they all wore tennis shoes, t-shirts, or long sleeve shirts, as it was rather chilly while we were there. I swear I could have walked down any street in the world with these men, and you would not know where they were from. Plus, I would have been proud to be with them. Oh, one night gazing down from our patio, I did see an elderly man who fit my previous thoughts of a Muslim man, but looking closer he was Jewish, and very lovely also.

The Muslim women were of all description as I have pictured below. But, these pictures do not describe their lovely souls. I cooked, visited, and attended a class, with a few of these ladies, and loved each of them. It isn’t in what we wear, or don’t wear, it is who we are, and their beauty shown through if they wore a Hijab, a Chador, or western street clothes.

Many years ago, most women around the world covered their heads, whether it was to protect from the sun or religious reasons it was normal. Today the Mennonite, Amish, Brethren and Hutterite  women still cover their head and wear clothes to conceal their bodies. Even into the early 1900 women in Europe and the United States wore bonnets to cover their heads and dresses to cover their legs. So perhaps when you see a woman with a Chador or Hijab you will not give it another thought. It is her choice and her religious right to wear her covering. She is just like your mother, your sister, or your wife, she is a grand lady to be cherished and respected.


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Love and good wishes to all the wonderful people I meet on my short journey.








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  1. June 3, 2015 9:51 am

    Thanks for sharing the trip with us.

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