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What’s Cookin in Mexico

January 16, 2015
 This is our wonderful cheese man, who delivers his fresh queso to the beach daily. He is also a great dancer and singer.
This is our wonderful cheese man, who delivers his fresh queso to the beach daily. It is by far the best cheese I’ve ever eaten, and it is my new addiction. Oh, he also is a fabulous dancer and singer.
Have a shot of tequila, and don’t turn your head away, these are perhaps one of the best kept secrets in Zihuatanejo. They are a true gourmet’s treat from the ocean, and are as much fun to eat as they are wonderful to eat. In Mexico they are called Percebes or Gooseneck Barnacles. They look like a small slug with a fancy fingernail, but taste better than spiny lobster. Take your friends along to enjoy the fun.
No, there are no pictures of tacos, tamales, or pozole, because everyone knows that the state of Guerrero has the best, and can be found on any street corner.
IMG_20150104_110855(2)Because everyone always thinks there are cockroaches in Mexico, I didn’t want to disappoint anyone. This a a wooden plate a talented artist on Madera beach made for me. She and her husband thought I was a little crazy to want cucarachas on a plate, but I knew it would delight my daughter, and it was a huge hit with everyone on the beach.
Next year this is what will be on the menu in the state of Guerrero and Michoacan. They have become so abundant they will be harvested for restaurants, and I can’t wait. Love frog legs?
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