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Excitment in Mexico

May 12, 2014

As many have already heard on Good Friday we here in Zihuatanejo had a 7.2 earthquake. However, there was minimum damage for one of that scale. It only left us with shattered nerves for a few days.

Because I am a true Mexican at heart, and live by mañana, it has led to a few problems with immigrations. This year I finally went to see about getting a permanent residence card. This led me to seeing a flag on their computer, and was told I needed to leave the country before my 180 days were up, or pay a very hefty fine. So I did. I spent a few days with my daughters and then returned to my apartment in Zihua. As I entered my building, I was greeted by a horrid smell, and the closer I got to my door I was turning green. The electricity in my apartment had been off for ten days. Any advice on how to remove rotten odors from a refrigerator will be appreciated. I have used ever cleaner known to man, and it still gags me when I open it. I have even gone so far as to burn incense inside it, soap and water, vinegar, baking soda by the box full, lemon juice, commercial cleaners strong enough to take ones breath away, and I am now using coffee grounds, and a hunk of charcoal.

Oh, then we had a tropical storm carrying so much rain it was overflowing the streets. As soon as it quit raining, we had another good shaker that woke everyone at 2:00am. It was only a 6.4 so once again no damage other than shaking nerves. In the last four days there have been one hundred aftershocks recorded, but only a few felt.

Today, as I went to leave my apartment there was a swarm of bees. I mean a huge swarm, and it came down into the tree directly in front of my doorway. I found it quite fascinating as it happened so quickly. There were two big clumps with hundreds in the air. Now, a bit nervous because we have all heard of killer bees (what ever they are) I shut my door and gave them a few minutes to see what they would do next. When I looked back out one of the globs was gone, or moved up with the other, and the air was a still filled with bees and buzzing sound. There was no way I could leave my apartment with that many buzzing bees, so I yelled to my neighbor, and he said he’d call the firemen. Shortly thereafter a man with a bee hood came to check it out. There were also two young boys with him and they were screaming, and swatting their shirts as bees were getting angry from the smoke the bee-man was creating with his torch . I was watching all this action from a crack in my door. I don’t know which would have been funnier to see the boys swatting bees, or me on the floor peeking out a little crack. Bees are gone, where I do not know, but this mass slowly broke apart and left the smoky area for better air.

And that my friends is why I love my life here in Mexico. Perhaps it is the weekly adrenalin rush, but I am never bored.

Donna Morang's photo.

Bees Come Down

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  1. Barbara permalink
    May 12, 2014 7:21 pm

    That was good…hope someone shares a good cure for your stinkin frig….Ha Ha

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