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Evan’s Poker School

February 22, 2014

Part 2 — I Owe You One


hand poker

As Evan starts to reminisce about his late night adventure, Ole and I smile at each other, we know this is going to be one of those good ones that only Evan can tell. He leans back and begins–About 10:00, last night, things were so slow that I was going to close early. Just as I went to turn off the lights and lockup, a fancy new pickup pulled up with two cowboys and a lovely lady. It seems these boys were from over around Wilsall, and were out for a little fun. They’d stopped in Livingston, and found this lovely lady to join their party. Evan is grinning like a little kid with an ice-cream cone, and giving us a big wink, to make sure we understood what the “lovely lady” was. Ole and I aren’t stupid. We know what sort of lady comes from Livingston with two wild cowboys.

Evan smiles and says. “I swear, this lovely lady wore more perfume than I can afford to buy my sweet wife. I think I can still smell her today. Lordy, she was something we all dream about on cold winter nights. Looking a little dazed he tells us of pouring everyone some strong shots, filling the puke-box with endless music, the lovely lady dancing, and everyone getting a little drunk. Then out came the cards, for a few of my slight-of-hand card-tricks. Soon I had them all at the poker table. I couldn’t believe it, but I was losing hand after hand, and the pots were getting bigger and bigger. Then I got a little lucky. One of the cowboys finally lost his bankroll and was out of the game. In a short time, the other one was down on his luck also.”

Evan gives us one of his out of the corner of his mouth laughs and tells us, “Now it is just me and the Livingston lady. I’m getting a little nervous after a couple of hours of winning a few hands, but barely staying even.” With a roar of laughter, he tells us, “Oh, my God that red dress was getting lower on the breasts with ever hand until I couldn’t think of cards! Finally, I took a break and went to get my glasses. You know I don’t wear those damn glasses cause they make me a little dizzy. That was my salvation! I couldn’t see her lovely breasts any longer, just some fuzzy flesh, and I could concentrate on the cards again. We spent the whole damned night back and forth, winning and losing. At the end, it was a draw between that Livingston lady and me.”

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