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I Owe You One

February 18, 2014

So sorry everyone, but yesterday my post of funny newspaper clippings went wacko. So today instead of going to the beach I’m going to try to entertain you for a few minutes with the beginning of my next book. Don’t get too excited as it has a long way to go, but those of you who follow me get a peek today.

The Two Dot Bar– No Place For Wimps


Hey Mister, whatcha all dressed-up for?  Are ya on your way to a funeral or something? You must not be from around here dressed that God-durn fancy. You look like ya might be a little lost.  Pull-up a stool and have a drink with us. I bet you read that sign out on the highway, Easy to Find, and Hard to Leave, and that is the full blown truth my friend. Once you step foot in the Two Dot bar you might never want to leave, even if ya make it out of here today I guarantee you’ll wanna come back. You got lucky finding the best little bar in Montana. Just sit on down, and enjoy your time here. You might even get lucky and hear a few good stories about this place you’ve wandered into.

This is where I start most days. It’s 10:00am, and the bar’s pretty empty this morning. But, if I sit on this stool all day as I usually do, I’ll see everyone from up Big Elk, a few from around Martinsdale, and maybe even someone from Harlo might stop by. The Harlo folks normally wait for Saturday night with the hope of some live music, a little dancing, or even a good fist-fight.

This morning it’s just old Ole, me, and Evan the owner and morning bartender. It doesn’t look like anyone got around to cleaning-up this morning, and it has its usual stink of beer and cigarettes. Evan’s a little slow this morning, and he sure doesn’t look as if he got much sleep last night, plus he still smells of the bar. Ole and I nod our heads, and agree that Evan must have had a long night with the cards. No doubt he came out a winner. Ole and I have seen him look this way many times. Usually there was some poor fool slumped over in the back booth lamenting his losses. The odds are if Evan was in a late-night poker game we would be in luck for a good story.

Come back again to find out if Evan is a winner or looser, and to see what goes on in the world famous Two Dot Bar.

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