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Shake, Rattle, Roll–Earthquake

April 12, 2013

If you see this type of clouds and glorious sunset, prepare for an earthquake, or so many of us in Zihuatanejo were warned. Yes, they were correct. Last night, about 10:30 we had a dandy of a shaker. It registered 5.2 and lasted about 30 seconds, and the epicenter was only about ten miles away.

That was a long enough time for me to jump out of bed, shove my glass of wine under a chair (Thinking it would be protected from falling bricks, and good for further use) I grabbed some money, my laptop, and a pillow (to cover my head from falling debris) then I ran for the door.

By the time I completed these silly antics, it was all over.

My wine still sat safely undisturbed, and it was a needed refresher while I regained my composure. This is certainly not my first experience with earthquakes, having lived in Alaska where the largest ones in the world have occurred. While living there, they became so normal, and not much more than good conversation starters, but this small one had somehow rattled my nerves.

When I finally looked out my front patio there were several people standing under it, and I thought that was a rather foolish place because all the roof tiles would fall on their heads if the shaking got worse. Then I saw a few people in the middle of the street where dozens of electric wires hung , and that really seemed dangerous to me. It appeared that we all needed lesson 101 for earthquakes. I knew my plan to grab the tree in front of my house and ride out the shakes, wasn’t that smart either, but at least no falling debris or electric wires could whack the life out of me. What was the best plan? Maybe next time, I’d forget all the silly things I had done this time, and probably just stay in bed and wait it out like I normally did.

Thankfully, there was no one injured, nor damage to property, and today is another beautiful day in paradise.
What do you do when an earthquake happens?

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  1. April 15, 2013 1:03 am

    Nice photo.

    During the Northridge quake in 1994 I stayed in bed while my boys jumped up and got themselves braced in a doorway. They said it was very laid back of me to just stay in bed, but truth be told, the bed was shaking so much I couldn’t stand up.

    My older son was in the loma prieta quake when he was at Stanford in 1989. He ran for the chapel. That seems to work too.

    Take care..

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