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No Alaska Today

March 27, 2013

Most of the time, my life in Mexico is like living in paradise, but at other times, it is like living in hell. Usually, I can laugh off most small problems, but this week has driven me to the tequila bottle.

Can you hear me screaming?

This week I have been without the Internet, due to the landlord not paying his bill. Once it was paid it was still three days before the connection was repaired. Okay, today it was turned back on, but has a very low power. This is a problem because the Internet comes and goes, eating what has been written. Hey, I’m still happy just to have it for a few minutes, just a tiny bit frustrated.

Around noontime, I went to take a shower to cool off because my air-conditioner was not working, and it is over ninety degrees inside and out. That is when I loudly screamed a long list of profanities. No F—— water? At that moment, my Mexico paradise had disappeared as quickly as my cold shower.

It is Holy Week, and in Zihuatanejo that means lots of tourists to fill the hotels. Somehow, the hotels draw the city water first, and this leaves homes without. Therefore, the homeowners have to purchase water to fill their storage-tanks. My landlord had neglected to fill his, which caused me to release my angst at no one other than the wind. He informed me that everything would be working mañana, which in truth means someday it will all be repaired.

Since I really don’t like tequila and prefer a cold beer, the only solution to save the day is go to the beach, relax,  have a cold cervasa, and hope for a quick return of what I call paradise.

Next week I will return you to Alaska for a cold wintery hunting trip.


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  1. March 27, 2013 8:04 pm

    So sorry for the frustrating times. Loved your writing about it, though. Hope it all comes together. It is nice to know someone lives in a warm paradise most of the time, AND memories to pull on from a much colder time. Love your blog!

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