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Hunting for the caribou ghosts

March 15, 2013

And the story continues—

However, not to be stopped we returned at daybreak the following day. We had succeed in making it to the summit before other vehicles became stuck and blocked the road. Once again we put on our snowshoes and headed to a ridge farther away from the road. As the sun rose higher in the morning sky, we saw movement in the trees. As the light became brighter we could see a trail, and on that trail were four caribou. They appeared like ghosts, first we could see them and then they disappeared. Quick flashes of movement were about all I got a look at. I was not even sure they were caribou, maybe just my imagination.

We kept climbing over the next ridge, following the trail the caribou had beaten into the snow. When the trail climbed out of the trees and leading to open ground, like magic the entire hillside looked like an ant hill, only this was a hill filled with caribou. We plopped down on our bellies and watched through our scopes as they moved along, eating, trotting, eating, moving, always moving. It was an incredible sight to see, with at least a hundred or more caribou right before our eyes. Hub whispered that there were two or three big bulls with double shovels, and he was ready to take one. He took his shot, and I saw one go down, then the entire hillside seemed in motion with caribou trotting out of my view.

Strange, but true, I was just so in awe of these beautiful animals with their massive horns—I forgot to shoot.

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