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Help— Need A Title For My Book

November 23, 2012

I am getting closer and closer to completion of my Alaskan book, and I would like your help with choosing a title.

You may leave your choice here , on my Big Backpack–Little World Facebook page, or tweet me on that thing they call Twitter.

Brief description:  Travel with author Donna Morang from Montana to Alaska, over the Alcan Highway in 1968 to arrive in Fairbanks where a devastating flood covers the entire town.

Venture into the Brooks Range to hunt Dall sheep. Encounter a huge grizzly bear, and a very angry mama moose.  Eat nothing but jerky until your teeth become so loose you can’t endure another bite. Face the unknown whereabouts of a forest fire that may leave you helpless.

Hunt, hunt, hunt, everything in Alaska, including the great white Polar bear.

Go fishing with Donna to the famous Katmai. Fish for salmon, and halibut in Resurrection Bay, or cast a fly for grayling into small rivers of the interior.

Live with the author, her spouse, and their baby in the remote area of the Brooks Range, while mining gold.

My not so creative titles are:
Alaskan Woman
Kicking Tundra
Alaskan Adventure
The Wild Side of Alaska



Please feel free to add your own creative idea. I can’t wait to see what title you chose, or what great new title you add to the pool.

Thanks for your help. Let’s give this book a kick-butt title, because my artists are making a great cover, and chapter headings. I don’t want to let them down with a silly title.

Gracias amigos.    



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  1. Joe Morton permalink
    November 26, 2012 3:04 pm

    Donna, Without being impartial or reading your new book, Uncle Earl’s Alaska homestead may very well be the last documentary of our Northern frontier. The one thing that I recall from my conversations with every one who has visited this beautiful place is the added challenge one has to endure because of the ever increasing burden placed upon us by the political bureaucrats desire to limit our ability to enjoy the god given inalienable right to use our land as we want. I look forward to reading your book. Thanks for sharing – Joe Morton – Idaho

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