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October 22, 2012

I have been writing a new memoir about my life in Alaska for at least a year now. With a years worth of sitting daily at my computer for hours on end you might think this book is going to be thousands of pages long, but you would be wrong. True, I have set at the computer for hours. I’ll guarantee you, I have not neglected my Twitter or my Facebook pages. Today, I have vast knowledge of every writing site available to authors of all genres. I know how to search and find almost any useless fact on the inter-net. I have drunk buckets of coffee. Traveled to the bathroom a million times. I have made procrastination a word that I should use in capital letters. This is the month to write, write, write my Alaskan memoir. So here I sit writing a blog about lack of writing. Shame on me!

With no more excused I offer you a peek at my opening, closing, or somewhere in the middle of my still untitled Alaskan memoir.

When you wake-up in the morning and it is minus 60 degrees below zero, you have to wonder why anyone wants to live in Alaska, but we did.

Growing up on a ranch in Montana with two brothers and mostly boys to play with I fell into hunting and fishing rather than playing with dolls. If no one wanted to go fishing, I went alone, or I’d take the pellet-gun and go shoot at tin cans. As I grew older, my guns became larger calibers, and my goal was to be able to out-shoot the boys. With all the target practice I did, I grew to become a damned good marksman. I finally could out-shoot the boys, but I could never out-fish my father, no matter how many hours I practiced  casting that fly, he still remained the champion. I don’t think it was the competitiveness that urged me on, it was simply the love of shooting and fishing. So I married a man who also loved to hunt and fish. Together we spent years hunting or fishing in Montana, but our dream was to live in Alaska. We talked about it. We read about it. We dreamed about it. Then one day it happened!

Stay tuned for snippets of life in Alaska during the 60’s and 70’s.

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  1. Marlys permalink
    October 22, 2012 7:33 pm

    Can’t wait to read it…I know…I know that I should locate the article I wrote about Ross’s death. Marlys

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