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Making Zihuatanejo Blossom

September 25, 2012

After having spent a cold summer in Washington, returning to the warmth and charm of Zihuatanejo, Mexico was much like coming home. My apartment was freshly painted and sparkling clean. I was  awarded a new, and bigger refrigerator. Everything was much to my liking, except all my beautiful plants were dead. What could a plant lover do, but buy new ones? Oh, no, all the plant stores, in the central area, had gone out of business. Even the one vendor on the corner was no longer there.

I spent the morning walking and asking, (Donde hay un vivero) where is there a nursery? As per normal, one person said, “Go straight and then turn left.” After trying this, I asked again and was told, “Go straight and turn right.” What seemed like I had walked twenty blocks, in ninety degree weather, I was back where I had started. Lo and behold, there on the sidewalk was a hand-truck filled with plants. This wonderful man took me to his nursery, and I made him a rich man with my many purchases. My patio now is back to a small jungle, and my Zihuatanejo neighbors thanked me for making the neighborhood beautiful again.

There are two reasons this woman would walk twenty blocks in ninety degree weather. One being plants, and the other I will leave to your imagination.

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  1. September 26, 2012 8:15 am

    Beautiful. A lovely story, but I don’t get the riddle…

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