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Famous Author Reviews My Book

December 14, 2011

I feel like I’m walking with the stars. I may not be a New York Times best seller, but when Carol Davis Luce gives Big Backpack–Little World a five star review, it is beyond my dreams.

Carol Davis Luce is the amazing author of six best-selling suspense novels, and one of the authors of Indie Chick Anthology. I was shocked to learn she had read my book, and I hope you will check out her nail-biting, thrillers on Amazon. Be ready to sit-up all night with the lights on. She writes some very intriguing books.

With shaking hands, and pounding heart full of gratitude, this is Ms. Luce’s review.

To say I thoroughly enjoyed Donna Morang’s, BIG BACKPACK–LITTLE WORLD, would be an understatement. How often can one live vicariously through the fabulous adventures (with all the five senses fully engaged) of a cool granny globe hopping. What I found so fascinating was her love of people and their love for her. It showed in the cocoon of protection they wrapped around her without stifling this gutsy traveler/teacher’s wanderlust. She had my mouth watering with descriptions of local food and drink (I could taste the cilantro in the tacos and feel the warmth of the tequila going down my throat). I laughed aloud at the strange and humorous situations she got herself into and out of. And cringed at the tense, scary and dangerous ones. The vivid and detailed descriptions of the towns, cities, and landscapes came alive before my eyes. I was there! Totally! If any book can make me want to strap on a big backpack and head out to see the world, it’s this book. This author is truly gifted in storytelling. If I did go on that journey, I’d want to tag along with Donna Morang.

Carol Davis Luce has made me feel like an author, not just someone who wrote about her crazy life. Now when I enter a country, and they ask for occupation, I will proudly write, Author.

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  1. Candace George Thompson permalink
    December 14, 2011 8:42 pm

    Congratulations, Donna! I’ll be this fantastic review will give your sales a major uptick. Candace

  2. beverlydiehl permalink
    December 15, 2011 9:58 pm

    SheWrites sister here. Congratulations! (I admit I’m not familiar with Ms. Luce, but I’m not really a suspense reader.) Crap, if the Big Backpack contained my ever-increasing TBR list, it would be too heavy to carry, because this one’s going in, too.

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