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Vietnam–street food and more

November 12, 2010

     In Your Face

                                                           by Donna Morang
Living and teaching in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, is exciting and you see something unusual and a little crazy everyday. But the best was…….
Another teacher and I were having lunch on the side-walk near our school. As usual the tables are low to the ground and you sit on small stools, about ten inches tall. So, imagine where you would be looking if a person was standing—not looking at their faces, but their waist or there about. OK—
Andrea and I are eating lunch at our favorite little street café.  There is another table with four Vietnamese women sitting next to us. As I looked up a young-man came around the corner. To my surprise he was naked. Of course being a little surprised I sort of just kept staring at him for a second or two or three. He was walking towards our table and looking directly at me. I told Andrea  “ Don’t Turn Around Now” –But of course as soon as I said this she turned her head and  the young-man’s naked privates were right in her face..
.She is gasping, I am laughing, she jumped up and spilled her bowl of soup on the naked man’s privates. He is screaming and wiping the hot burning soup off. Slowly he walks over to the other table with the Vietnamese ladies and one of them hands him a napkin. He walks down the street which is full of people. No one seems to notice or care that he is naked. The ladies at the other table just kept eating. The owner of the restaurant cleaned our table and brought another bowl of soup, never mentioning the naked man.
I am still laughing and Andrea has finally recovered and is starting to think it was pretty funny, also.  Then one of the Vietnamese ladies taps Andrea on the shoulder and says in English and sign language ”Rooster In Face “, then  all of these ladies are laughing and saying Rooster in face—Oh yes, Big Rooster Face.
Needless to say, from that day on Andrea has had a new name, and we both have a fun memory of lunches on the streets of Vietnam.
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