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The morning after pill

October 24, 2010


I am well past the age that I have to worry about getting pregnant however, I have daughters and a grand-daughter that I believe have the right to the morning after pill. Yes, every man and woman needs to be responsible and careful with their bodies but accidents do happen. Isn’t the morning after pill a better choice than the alternative? I hope that you never have to make this decision but for what ever the reason that you do, I support your right to make that choice.

At my age I remember fighting for the Rowe vs. Wade and we won. Now we are faced with this issue being debated everywhere again. Is abortion the best choice we have to offer women after thirty-five years? There is not a woman alive that wants to have an abortion, this may be the saddest decision any woman will ever have to make and we can make this an easier choice. At the time a pill is swallowed we are not aborting a child, we don’t even know if conception took place. It is a preventive measure. We had sex, for some reason we don’t know if we could have conceived but at this moment we have a choice to take the precaution of the morning after pill, or wait and see. Then we are faced with a child we may not be able to raise,or an abortion, we don;t even like to think about. Can’t we help this woman with an easier decision?

Are you a woman? Have you ever sat and waited for your period to arrive? What did you do? What did you think? Were you scared? Did you sit and think of your options? There weren’t that many good choices, but wouldn’t at that moment the morning after pill been a God send for you?

We live in an age when everything is sex, sex, and more sex. There are little girls having sex at an age when I was playing with dolls. That means there are little boys that can not stand up to bat and become fathers. Of course we need to better educate our children, but the sad truth is sex is here, every day and every way. Today, we need to step up to bat and when all else fails give them the knowledge to use the morning after pill. No it will not save you from the many new STD’s that are thriving.

I live in a country where abortion is illegal and the streets are full of little girls that are pregnate. Some areas of this country have just made abortion legal, but it is not an accepted idea with the older generation. The conquencions for these little girls are horrid. If the morning after pill was available here perhaps parents would accept this idea and save little babies from having little babies.

Let’s go a little deeper, there are other reasons for the morning after pill, rape,and incest. I do not believe that any one can ever deny this is the best gift we can give at that moment to these abused women or little girls. Please let us allow them to receive this blessing of a pill.

No, the morning after pill isn’t the end all, be all, that we would all want for our wife, daughter, or grand-daughter. But it seems to me that it is a way to protect them from abortion or unacceptable pregnancy.

Stand up for our rights women. Let us be the ones that decide what we can and can’t do with our bodies. This is not a government decision, it is ours.

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